The Pierrefonds-Roxboro  Consultation  Platform

The borough wishes to consult its citizens as soon as a new project is received before the decision-making process.

As a citizen, you know your community and its particularities. Let us know what you think and ask your questions to help the borough make informed decisions for the benefit of the entire community. We invited you to comment on the proposed construction project.

Once the consultation is complete, the results will be sent to the developer who will have the opportunity to modify and improve his project.

The project will then be presented to the Architectural Committee and the Planning Advisory Committee to obtain their recommendations for decision-making by the Borough Council. A report will be available at the end of the process for consultation.

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The "Pierrefonds-Roxboro"  consultation  platform is an online  consultation  platform managed by Cocoriko. It allows citizens to express their views on various issues related to the municipality and, thus, to take part in the development of a City in their image.

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