Specific construction proposal of a residential building of 154 units at 14700 boul. Pierrefonds

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The borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro has received an application for a specific construction project at 14700 boulevard de Pierrefonds. The site is located at the intersection of Pierrefonds Boulevard and Harry-Worth Street, just East to Sportplexe Pierrefonds. This is a portion of the Sportplexe land that would be redeveloped to accommodate the project.
The project received proposes the construction of a 7-storey residential building including 154 units and several common areas on the roof.

It is in the context of submitting an application under the Specific Construction, Alteration or Occupancy Proposals for an immovable (SCAOPI) that you are invited to comment on various project themes. You can consult the documents and images inserted in the proposals to give you an overview.

This consultation includes:
- The site and proposed use
- The building
- Integrating the project into its environment
- Outdoor facilities

Concluded themes